1. Brand Consultation

It all starts with a complimentary brand consultation call which you can schedule below. On this call we'll get to know each other and discuss what you're after. After the call I will send you a questionnaire which you have to fill out and send back to me. This is a very important part of the process because the fuller you answer the questions the better understanding I'll have of your business.

2. Brief

Based on the answers from the questionnaire I'll put together a brief where I will set the goals which the design has to achieve so we can refer back to them later. I will send these to you along with a proposal outlining all the details about the project, timeline, price, etc. If you're happy with it we can sign a contract and start working on your project.

3. Explorations & Design

The next step would be finally to get designing. During this stage we will also talk about the direction in which you want to take your brand visually. I will then design 3 stylescapes in different visual directions so that we can pick one and go for it. I will then use this stylescape to design the assest that you need like logo, packaging, brochure, etc.

4. Presentation

When I present my designs to you I prefer to do it on a video call or in person if the circumstances allow it. I showcase the entire design process from concept to reality and I will explain the decisions made and I refer back to our goals.

5. Revisions (if any)

After the presentation we'll have time to discuss and address any concerns you may have. The feedback you provide should be constructive, objective and in coherence with our goals. It is important at this stage to look at the design through your customers' eyes and try and see what would appeal most to them.

6. Delivery

Once the final design has been agreed on I'll prepare files for web and print for the logo and any other assest worked on.

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