Ink City Tattoo Studio

The Mission

Ink City is an independent tattoo studio established in 2017. They have a big range of tattoo artworks you can choose from but also make custom ones and they have an artist that can turn your vision into a tattoo. They felt that their brand assest didn’t convey the quality that they were putting out and they wanted to feel more premium.

The Outcome

To ge that premium feel I designed a clean looking logo, patterns to be used across and collateral materials with some metallic accents.


Logo Design
Brand Identity

I designed the logo as a very clean but intriguing mark paired with a modern serif font to feel current and established. The logo was also used to make some patterns which I used across collateral materials.

Ink City Business Card
Collateral Materials
T-Shirt Tattoo
Ink City Tattoo
Outdoor Signage Ink City
Ink City Glass Sign
Photo by Flavio Gasperini on Unsplash
Photo by Tereza Ruba on Unsplash
Photo by Lucas Lenzi on Unsplash

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