Brightcup Cafe - Energising you

The Mission

How many coffe varieties have you heard of?
Arabica… and?
Brightcup cafe is a boutique warm and wellcoming place where they offer 3 coffee varieties incuding one of the rarest. They pride themselves in yeas of experience in coffee roasting and they’ve decided to bring something new to the market. My mission was to help them communicate clearly to their audience what they offer and how it’s different to their competitors.

The Outcome

I designed Brightcup’s identity to be fresh and cosy starting with an intriguing logo and stationary materials. I then designed various packaging including coffee packaging, paper cups, cup holder and packaging for their most important product – special edition line of coffee beans called Origins.


Logo Design
Brand Identity


The first steps in designing the brand identity for Brightcup cafe was to create the logo. It had to reflect the main values of the brand which are warmth, energy, relax and comfort. I began thinking about the name Brightcup and how I can convey the meaning of it. After many iterations I decided to create a mark combining 3 elements – sun, cup and coffee bean.

Logo Breakdown
Brightcup Cafe Logo

Choosing the colour scheme was the next decision I had to make again in coherence with the brands values. I chose pastel tones of yellow and blue that convey relaxation, beige and brown as earth tones for comfort and an accent orange for that spike of energy coffee gives you.

Colour Scheme
Business Cards Brightcup Cafe
Stationary Brightcup Cafe

The final part of the identity was to create the cup and packaging design. Brightcup roasts coffee on their own and they needed a stand out packaging for it that shows how much they appreciate and value coffee.

Coffee Cups and Holder Design
Coffee Packaging

One of the most engaging and unique brand touchpoints of Brightcup Cafe was their special edition coffee beans line called Origins. Here they offer 3 types of coffee beans – Arabica, Robusta and Racemosa (one of the rarest coffee variety). Coming from the name Origins they wanted each packaging to reflect the origin of the coffee variety. To gain deeper undestanding I had to research and study the specifics of each of the countries the coffee came from. The graphics had to be instantly associated with the country of origin so I got inspired by the brazilian carnivals, the vietnamese Non la (leaf hat) and the african savanna.

Origins Series

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