B&N Cakes - Creating memories

The Mission

B&N Cakes is a family-run business focusing on delivering great quality and joy in the form of birthday, celebration, novelty and wedding cakes. They are known for using high quality and always fresh ingredients to deliver a home baked experience to their customers. The bakery (or cakery as they like to call it) was founded by husband and wife with the story that they complete each other even in baking and they love how with every cake they make they give the person a great memory to cherish.

The Outcome

I designed B&N Cakes’ identity to have a home made and playful feeling. A clean and modern logo to make them stand out from the crowd and also look very professional as their long term goal is to start delivering to local cafes and bakeries. I then designed business cards, thank you cards, social media assets and packaging for cupcakes.


Logo Design
Brand Identity


When B&N Cakes reached out to me to design their identity I was thrilled. Who doesn’t like cake after all? We jumped on a call to discuss what they needed and after establishing that I sent them over a questionnaire which they filled out thoroughly. Then I drafted a proposal and contract and we started working on the project. The first thing that we started working on was the logo. They wanted a clean and professional looking logo, not the cliche logos that most of their competitors had like cake/cupcake silhouettes, whisks and spatulas. They wanted to look premium but still affordable and have a hand made, playful happy feeling. I explored a lot of options and narrowed it down to 3 which I presented to them on mockups in different situations to see which logos worked the best in real world examples.

Logo B&N Cakes

After choosing a logo option to go with I designed 3 stylescapes to help us define what visual direction would suit the brand most. The stylescapes are a very helpful internal tool to work with as it allows both me and the client to look at what the branding could look like and not just talk about it. It is an extra step but I assure you it saves time in the long run as it also contains the colour and font choices. The mockups that are on the stylescape are also not the final version as you will see later. Below is the stylescape that B&N Cakes liked and approved.

Stylescape B&N Cakes

Once they selected a stylescape I went on to create the business cards, thank you cards, social media assets and packaging for cupcakes. The style for all that I took from the chosen stylescape adjusting some stuff we had talked about.

B&N Cakes BC1
B&N Cakes BC

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