Meet Bristol based graphic designer Beti

Hi! My name is Betina Todorova... hard to pronounce? Stick with Beti. 🙂
I’m a UK based graphic designer located in Bristol but I work with brands
all over the world. ​


About me

I'm a graphic designer specialising in logo and brand identity design.
I enjoy working with both ambitious start-ups and established businesses.

I have a strategic approach to design so every step is carefully thought through. Including strategy in my process allows for a deeper dive into your brand's essence which leads to a better understanding of your brand and audience and a better outcome of the project. My goal is to help you grow your business and take it to the next level by creating lasting relatiorships with your customers. People don't just want to buy these days, they want an experience and they want to be able to identify themselves with and relate to a brand.


Logo Design

How do you make your brand instantly recognisable? How to you stand out from your competition?

Well, the first thing you need is a logo. A good logo has to be relevant to the industry that you're in and distinctive enough so that you stand out in that industry. It has to be simple but effective. Keeping things simple will allow your logo to be memorable, timeless and versatile at the same time. It should also achieve a set of goals which we'll work on together in the beginning of your journey.

Brand Identity

A logo is not the only thing that makes up your brand. A brand identity combines all the visual aspects that define it. That can be anywhere from typography and colour palette to print collateral, packaging and web design.

It’s important at first to address all the invisible brand elements such as brand postitioning, messaging, etc. and then go to the visuals. A brand identity can be playful or serious, bold or friendly. It enables you to speak to your audience with confidence and pride. A strong brand identity is consistent throughout all brand touchpoints and reinforces your brands core values and beliefs.

Don't be shy!

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